My Wallets

Read these guidelines before using your Crypico wallets!

Important: Crypico wallets were released on April 24th, 2018. Accounts created before this date will not have access to wallets. We recommend creating a new Crypico account in order to be able to send & receive cryptocurrency and gain full access to the wallets feature.

What are cryptocurrency wallets and how do they work?

Crypico LLC provides every user with their own set of unique addresses for each cryptocurrency we support. You can use these wallets to deposit funds to your account, pay other users for their services, and receive payments. Crypico does not charge a fee and there are no network fees when transacting with any cryptocurrency on Crypico. As a result. users receives 100% of the funds sent to them.

Pay another Crypico user
Send cryptocurrency directly to another user’s account on the site. You will be asked to confirm the payment via email. Be sure you have selected the correct user’s name and entered it exactly as it appears on the site when using this feature. Crypico is not responsible for lost funds due to sending cryptocurrency to the wrong user’s account. Workers are responsible for determining their individual payment requirements – some may request half or the full payment upfront while others may not require payment until after fully completing a gig. If you provide a service like logo design, we recommend using watermarks to safeguard your work until after you have received payment for your service.

Use the balances tab to select a coin and view your total account balance for that coin.

Your deposit addresses for all supported cryptocurrencies can be found here. Send funds directly to these addresses to deposit funds into your account. You can then use these funds on Crypico.

Withdraw funds from your account to an external account. DO NOT WITHDRAW FUNDS TO ANOTHER CRYPICO ACCOUNT DIRECTLY. The withdraw feature should only be used to send funds to external addresses, not other Crypico accounts/addresses. Use the “Pay another Crypico user” tab to send funds to another account on this site. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in your funds being lost.

Transaction History
View your account transaction history for all cryptocurrencies.

No Transaction Fees To Send Funds To Other Users
There is no fee to send funds to other users on the site. The fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency from your wallets is the network fee charged by each individual blockchain – it can be viewed on the “Withdraw” tab by selecting a cryptocurrency. If you use a currency with a low or non-existent network fee like Bitcoin Cash or STEEM, you’ll pay no fees (or close to it) for withdrawals. The fee for deposits is fixed at 0.50%.

What if we don’t include a wallet for your coin or token?
If you want to accept payments to an external address like a hardware wallet or want to transact in a coin that we don’t provide a wallet for, you can create an external wallet for your coin and add the address to your personal profile. Click here to edit your profile – you can add addresses in the “Crypto Wallet Addresses” field.