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  • Hi! Im currently looking for some blockchain developers who are looking to be a pivotal part of this project. We want you to have experience but more so we wish that you bring real passion to the team. If you fit the bill feel free to reach out.

  • Teagan_P

    Hey DeAngeloLT!

    I have experience in crypto currencies and I’m trying to become a blockchain developer. I’ve been trading and researching the tech for 5 years now so I’m starting to get a handle on all things blockchain. I know the bitcoind API, I know pragma solidity, I know how to implement and utilize blockchain tech, I’ve built clients from source code and tinkered with blockchain for a while now. I’m passionate about blockchain, I really do believe we can change the world using it, and I’m excited to get working in the field. I know blockchain is here to stay, so I know any experience I can get working with it will help greatly in the future.

    Thanks for working with blockchain!
    If interested I can supply a resume with experience.
    I hope I can help!

  • HireScott

    Good afternoon,

    I PM’d you with a reference to my professional profile.

    Thank you

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