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    Welcome to the Upfiring Communities Bounty Campaign!



    Important Dates

    Development Period: March 29th, 2018 to May 31st, 2018

    Deadline for Submission: May 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST

    Voting Period: June 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM EST to June 10th, 2018 at 12 PM EST


    Important Forms – Signup and Submit for Voting

    1) Private Signup Form – https://goo.gl/forms/LAHk6GXZwyxERPnW2

    Submit anytime – Lets us know you are working on – or planning to work on – a project. All information is optional – for instance, if you are still working on a name, you do not need to submit one.

    2) Public Voting Submission Form – https://goo.gl/forms/XWzLSfhnLVrz8d8V2

    Submit by May 31st, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST – enters your project into the voting round. Includes a public description of your project and any links/attachments/logos that you may want voters to see during the voting round



    Upfiring communities are sites, applications, and social networks where Upfiring links will be shared. Content creators can benefit from communities by sharing their links for other users to download, allowing them to earn UFR and increase the number of seeders on their file. The main goal of an Upfiring community should be to empower content creators and sharers, though with this campaign developers are encouraged to build anything they feel would help to expand the community or enhance the Upfiring application.

    This bounty campaign gives developers a chance to contribute directly to the widespread adoption of Upfiring. In addition, all projects — especially those that do well in voting — will benefit from promotion and attention from the community, making it easy for solid projects to gain a user base.


    What types of projects qualify for the Upfiring Bounty Campaign?

    Any development that aims to build or enhance the Upfiring community or Upfiring application. Example ideas are: a website or mobile app that allow content creators to share Upfiring links, a decentralized or anonymous chat group, a forum or message board, a decentralized exchange solely meant for buying/selling UFR, smart contract development, or any other type of media platform. Communities can also be established on relevant existing sites where we currently do not have a presence. If you have a question whether your idea or project qualifies, post in this thread or email support@upfiring.com.


    Project Completion

    Projects do not need to be fully completed by the deadline or voting period. If the community feels the project is showing solid progress and wants to support its continued development, it will likely do well in voting.


    Working with others

    Working with others is allowed and encouraged. If this is the case, please submit a UFR address for each member on the public voting submission form.



    We consider Upfiring communities vital to Upfiring’s early success, and as such are prepared to heavily reward those who partake in building up the ecosystem.


    • 1st place project: 20,000 UFR

    • 2nd place project: 12,500 UFR

    • 3rd place project: 7,500 UFR

    • 4th & 5th place projects: 4000 UFR each

    • All submissions: 4000 total UFR divided by the total number of qualifying submissions, distributed equally (does not include the top 5). This amount may be increased if the number of qualifying submissions is higher than expected to ensure work is appropriately rewarded.

    • Total: 52,000 UFR


    Community Voting
    The winner will be chosen by a community vote. To prevent vote manipulation, voting will be public and be limited to:
    • Reddit Accounts: account must be created before March 23rd, 2018 and have at least 20 comment karma
    • Bitcointalk Accounts: account must be created before March 23rd, 2018 and have a minimum of 10 posts

    Vote threads will be posted on Reddit and Bitcointalk on June 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM EST. Voting will end on June 10th, 2018 at 12 PM EST.


    More Information

    Upfiring and its team reserve the right to determine if a vote is considered valid. A vote may be considered invalid if it appears to be a duplicate or a product of vote manipulation. Bounty campaign rules, time periods, and voting requirements are subject to change at the team’s discretion. Upfiring strongly encourages participants to screen for copyright infringement on their communities. It is recommended that any project that includes Upfiring links offers some form of admin regulation of such infringement and provides a contact resource for content to be removed upon request. This is a community-driven bounty campaign – Upfiring is not responsible for the events or actions of others in regards to the community projects developed for this campaign.

    Upfiring also reserves the right to change the rules, regulations, timeline, and rewards of the bounty campaign if necessary at any time without prior notice.

    Bounty campaign threads with further details will be posted on both Reddit and Bitcointalk next week when the campaign officially begins. If you have any further questions about the bounty campaign, feel free to post in this thread or send us an email at support@upfiring.com.

  • Does the project need to be complete by the deadline? I feel like it may take longer than the allotted time to build my idea.

    • Upfiring

      As long as you make progress on the project and submit both forms by the deadline the community will be able to vote on your project – it does not have to be complete. You can outline your plan for the future on the submission form and voters will be able to see it.

  • I have just sent you a private message. I would really like to work on this.

    • Upfiring

      I have just sent you a private message. I would really like to work on this.

      Make sure to fill out the signup form if you haven’t already.

  • arnbell

    I have applied

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