Professional Patentsearch (1 hour+)

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    9 months ago
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    June 30, 2018
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    English, German
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You need state of the art knowledge for one of your projects?

You need informations for the field of your master thesis?

Or any other scientifical research in the patent field?


Here is how it works

You send me what field, invention or technology you need information about or want to research and I will search for 1hour (at least) for you.

You can send me any information you think can help. I am working for professionals for many years and I will not disclose any information to third parties.

Please consider: The more exact your informations are, the more precise I can research and the more helpful the results will be for you.

I am using professional patent researching tools for your research.

My profession is Engineering, but I can also cover any other field.



You get a full report in .pdf with all the found relevant patent documents.

Delivery will be as fast as possible. I will try to keep it fast (max. 2-3 days).



You can pay me in any coin (or $) supported on this site. Just calculate the actual prize of 60$ in the coin you want to pay.
Please use for the calculation of the actual price.

If you want me to search longer, you can just book it again 🙂