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Crypico is completely free to use. You must be registered to post gigs or or interact with the Crypico community. Registration is available at the top right of the page.

Search Gigs

Gigs are postings by freelance workers offering their services in exchange for payment in cryptocurrency. Please explore our Gigs page for a complete listing of offered services.

Request a Gig

The next step after finding a gig you are interested in is messaging the worker. By clicking on a gig, you will be brought to that gig’s page. The worker offering the gig can be messaged through the message field on the bottom right of the page. Crypico does not handle payments between the user and worker. The two parties must agree to terms through the messaging feature. If escrow services are needed, we recommend using and listing Crypico as arbitrator in case of disputes. Arbitation by Crypico is offered free-of-charge to Crypico users.

Managing Your Messages

The messaging interface can be found by hovering over your username in the header on the top right of any page and clicking on “Messages” in the dropdown. From here, you can view and manage messages with other Crypico users and workers.

Post a Gig

Posting gigs is only available with a Worker account. To post a gig, sign in to your worker account and click the green button on the top right of the page. This will bring you to the “Post a Gig” page within your dashboard. Next, Complete the New Gig Form. The following fields are included in the New Gig Form:

  • Title: In one sentence or less, explain the service you are offering. If you are offering multiple services, please create a seperate gig for each service.
  • Description: Give a more detailed explanation of the service you offer. Feel free to also include information about yourself, your credentials, and any samples of previous work.
  • Gig Category: Categorize your gig, this allows users to more accurately search for your service. Only one category is allowed per gig.
  • Requested Pay: Enter the amount of payment you are asking in exchange for completion of your gig. This need not be exact, exact terms can be negotiated with requesting users.
  • Currency: Enter the currency of your requested pay.
  • Accepted Currencies: List any other currencies you are willing to accept for your services.
  • Languages: Please list any and all languages in which you are fluent enough in to communicate with requesting users.
  • Expiration Date: If you would like your gig to be removed at a certain future date, please enter here. Gigs will automatically be removed after expiration date.

Upon form completion, save using the orange “Save & Preview” button on the bottom of the page. Then, review the gig preview for accuracy and submit using the orange “Publish” button.